What we Do

Secure the Future.

  • Secure Systems Engineering

    We have worked on various Secure Systems Engineering projects.

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  • Secure Hardware Design

    We have worked various aspects secure hardware design.

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  • Product Certification

    Product Certification is what we consider our expertise.

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  • Network Engineering

    We have a strong background in networking, complimented by projects.

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  • Cloud and IoT

    Cloud and IoT a field we believe could be the future.

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  • CSFC

    We have an understanding of CSFC and how to create a secure product.

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  • Training and Mentoring

    We are passionate about training and mentoring others in all aspects of Cyber.

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What we have been up to!

  • Product Certification

    August 2019

    Started working Product Certification for the Army

  • Designed Secure Hardware Processor

    March 2020

    Clarity Cyber member designed a Secure Hardware Processor.

  • Joined Tech Working Groups

    May 2020

    Clarity Cyber members joined various working groups for JADC2, Blockchain, and Cloud and IoT device used for Command and Control

  • Clarity Wins Network Simulation Contract

    December 2020

    Clarity Cyber wins a Network Simulation tool contract from DARPA!

  • CSFC Products

    February 2021

    Clarity Cyber members started to work on various use cases for Commerical Solutions for Classfied.

  • Clarity Wins Space Mesh Network Contract

    July 2021

    Clarity Cyber wins NSA Certifiable Space Mesh Network Contract from the Space Development Agency!

  • Clarity Wins Key Management Contract

    August 2021

    Clarity Cyber wins a Next Generation Key Management Pilot Contract!

  • Clarity Wins Software Assurance Contract

    December 2021

    Clarity Cyber won a Software Assurance contract from DARPA!

  • Clarity Sponsors Local Robotics Team

    January 2022

    Clarity Cyber sponsors a local robotics team.

  • Clarity Wins Secure Hardware Contract

    June 2022

    Clarity Cyber won a Secure hardware contract from the University of Maryland School System!

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